Roby-1 Productions offer complete producing, tracking, mixing, CD mastering, and DJ services. We specialize in working with independent artist, producers, DJs, indie labels and musicians. Our studios are the perfect place to cut basic tracks, record a mixtape, do overdubs or mix an album. Roby-1 Productions makes it easy and affordable for any singer to become a viable recording artist. By using cutting edge technology, we produce radio ready, high quality music masters and music demos at affordable rates. Roby-1 Productions provides the very best in professional quality DJ equipment and an outstanding music library. Tens of thousands of titles available for every type of event. Roby-1 Productions has over 30 years of DJ experience and ensures every detail will be executed in a professional manor.

Roby-1 Productions

Roby-1 Productions is devoted to providing unsigned artist with expeditious quality music production services that will aid in taking their material to the next level. We offer state of the art sound with prices you can afford. We are located in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  Our services include:

 DJ Services   DJ Services                    MPC  Music Production

professional mixing board  Mixing                              masteringheadline Mastering

DJ Services

Roby-1 Productions provides  high quality professional DJ services. If you are planning a Wedding reception, Anniversary party, Birthday Party, Holiday party, Corporate function, School Dance, Reunion, Sweet 16 party, or any other type of function be sure and browse this web site for all the information you will need to book your DJ (Disc Jockey) entertainment. The music entertainment is the heartbeat of your important affair, that is why we are fully committed to providing you with the DJ entertainment package that will meet if not exceed, your entertainment expectations. Our mission at Roby-1 Productions is to provide the highest quality, most reliable and exceptional disc jockey service to the quality conscious client who demands only the very best. Our Atlanta DJ business has been built on referrals. Your total satisfaction is our number one goal.

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VJ Services

Here at Roby-1 Productions, we understand that the entertainment has a major impact on the success of your event, so we offer tasteful and appropriate music videos to ensure you and your guests have a great time. Our Veejay professionals don’t fit the stereotypical mold of video jockeys. Our professionals are here to make sure your event flows smooth and seamlessly. Through our consultative approach to planning, our clients enjoy an anxiety-free experience and an exceptional overall value with no surprise costs. We are confident that our video entertainment services  can make your special occasion truly memorable and would appreciate the opportunity to help make your upcoming event a success.       Click here for prices


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Music Production

Roby-1 Productions offer more than just beat making, we offer production services. Meaning we will give your idea direction and make into a complete song. We produce radio commercials, audio books, DJ drops, sound scores and mixtapes for DJs and artist who are trying to create a buzz in the streets.  If you want to add additional instruments, sound effects or scratches to your project we have the gear and software to complete the task.  With our experieced staff of producers you will be satisfied with your project.

Production services cost $40/hour. Appointments only.

Tracking & Editing



Excellent recording of vocals and instruments are crucial to the success of your song. We have the skills and knowledge to make them sound perfectly in tune while keeping the natural qualities and tone of your voice. We track external instruments to the best of it's quality to make sure you are getting the full range of sound.



Audio Editing

Let our engineer take the headache over editing your drum tracks, matching your background vocals  with the lead, shortening the song...you name it. Roby-1 Productions audio editing service covers any aspect of working with your project to clean up sources or editing.

Our audio tracking and editing service costs $35/hour.  Appointments only.



Mixing & Mastering

When you've finished laying down the tracks for your songs, Our audio engineer is here to help you perfect your song into a masterpiece. Nearly every project or album needs Mixing and mastering. Sometimes it's a very subtle difference, and other times it might make a very obvious positive impact. In either case, if you value your work as you should, you won't skip this all-important, but commonly overlooked step. Just as the recording process is very critical, Mixing and mastering should be considered no less. In today's highly competitive world of great sounding CD's and MP3's, there is no excuse to let your efforts fall short.


Roby-1 Productions have top of the line mixing engineers to make sure your songs sound unbelievable. We've mixed tracks for thousands of musical projects. Our engineer pays attention to every detail and you will hear the difference in your professionally mixed tracks, guaranteed.

Our mixing service is $75/full song and includes one free modification. Additional modifications are only $20/each.

$35 per song/vocals only

*Mixing songs that exceed 5 minutes in length will be subject for additional length fees



Let our mastering engineer put the finishing touches on your album. Using a combination of digital plug-ins, our mastering engineer will apply EQ, multiband compression, stereo imaging to make your mix shine. Our mastering service will give your song the finished professional broadcast quality for record label scouting and radio airplay.

*Mastering songs that exceed 5 minutes in length will be subject for additional length fees

What do you need to send us?

You need to send us a stereo mix in WAV or AIFF in the highest resolution possible. You'll be able to upload it directly to our site after completing your order. Take a look at our mastering prices below.

# Of Songs

Price per Song     1 song                    $80/song

                             2 songs                  $75/song

                             3 songs                  $65/song

                             4-6 songs               $60/song

                             7-11 songs             $55/song

                             12 songs or more   $45/song

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